this is Jay.

she’s the prettiest, brightest, most joyful woman you’ll ever meet.


she breathes rainbows and laughs sunshine.

i can’t get over the fact she’s my friend. she saw these poppy’s selling on the side of the road on an unattended stand and insisted we stop and give money and buy them. this is her arranging them in her room like a proud parent.

she sees what people miss.

she has eyes renewed by Jesus to see beauty in what others see as broken or boring.

jay, i love you. 

her personal blog / her creative blog.

I have an incredible best friend who is super talented at capturing all of the moments we share in life. I am so blessed by our friendship! 

Many of you know her via her tumblr, or her instagram, and have been blessed by her wisdom, her burning passion for Jesus, her desire for our city to know Him, and her incredible love and grace that she shares with all people she meets.

I am so blessed by her words, and I could say so many similar things about her, but this post is really to just thank her for sharing in even the small moments with me, like buying poppies randomly from the side of the road.

Also, I really like the poppies… :)